Hi! I’m Karolina Malwina Gruschka, but for my comics I go by Kinka Robotina (basically to distinguish this work from my contemporary art and design work.) Currently I’m finishing my studies at the Academy of fine arts Vienna and freelancing in graphic design, branding and illustration. 

This place is my outlet for the things I love to do, but have nowhere to post to. I love illustration and also love ugly things. I experiment a lot with different styles and I don’t like to settle (for now). I live in Vienna, a city which smells like dogpoop in summer, and is depressing in winter (but which city isn’t) but otherwise is the perfect city to live in.

I’ve always wanted to make my own webcomic and dream of illustrating a book sometime. 

I post regularly on Instagram, where you’ll find my comics and illustrative work over at@yaywebcomic. You can read my comics on Tapas & Webtoon. At times you can find me on Reddit & Youtube. You can also find me on DeviantartTwitter, and Artstation. I’m on Twitch, but I haven’t gotten around to stream yet.

Someday I’d like to open a patreon, but if you want to shower me with coffee or tea, you can here!